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This is the first Labrador we bought whose name was Shrubbins Behe'moth.  He was by a dog called Cornlands Black Joker, one of Mrs Peggy Rae's dogs.  We bought him in 1985.  We had great fun showing him at local exemption shows.

After 'Sam' one dog soon became two and two became four.  Before long we were up to half a dozen Labradors which were

blacks and yellows.

The lines were diverse consisting of Cornlands, Trenow Rocheby and Sandylands.

We both have the same opinion of what qualities we like to see in a Labrador...a good overall conformation with natural intelligence and good looks.


We have gone on to produce our first Champion 'Ch. Saranden Saboteur JW' who was made up to Show Champion at the age of sixteen and a half months.  

Saboteur has also  produced  Champions.... at home and abroad,  Sh Ch  Suttonpark Manifesto JW who was CC and Best of Breed winner at Crufts 2006,   Sp. Ch Chelmscote Star Struck for Saranden JW.




Everyone who knows us and sees us at shows

is very familiar with our son Cameron.  

They have watched him grow and are always surprised

when they realise how old he is.  Time flies!!

He is seldom absent from any of the shows,

from Crufts to local open shows.



Our son Cameron has now taken to showing and the best thing happened to him on his 1st show, he won BOB with Comanche and then had to take him into the group.  He was thrilled to pieces and of course we all know what this mean....the BUG!!!

We are sure it will not be long before he suggest which puppy would be the best candidate deemed for the show ring.

Uncle Cameron (2)

Saranden puppies going for a spin


Our first Champion

Ch. Saranden Saboteur JW


I think most of us could boast owning their first Labrador in the 60's, which when you work backwards, would have put some of us at maybe 2 or 3 years old!!!  This really is the case for us though in actual fact, my parents had a Labrador in the sixties which was bought from a breeder in Kent.  He was big and black and we called him Ringo!  The Beatles were the biggest thing in the music world at the time, so he could have been called any one of them, but I do recall my mum saying that Ringo was her favourite!!

I owned my own  first Labrador in the 70's who was a working Labrador.


Over the years in my family, as well as Sarah's family, we have also had German Shepherds, which at the time in the 70's were still called Alsations.   Sarah's parents had an affix in the Cat Fanciers Association which is Betron of which they  had bred and shown Persian cats,  so inevitably, we were both destined to continue with our passion of dogs and showing.

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